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My Business Maximizer is an online (Internet) business analysis and reporting service for small and medium business that use MYOB or QuickBooks accounting systems .

It’s ‘ready to use’ with a proven synchronization with the standard data in MYOB and QuickBooks. Set up of client data and job role based user access is a matter of hours. Once set up, My Business Maximizer runs seamlessly and can be accessed by your authorised users anywhere, anytime using their Internet browser.

A range of standard ‘View’ and Report Templates are available to users as per their access profile. In addition there is a ‘free form’ Analyzer tool that enables quick and easy ‘drag and drop’ individual queries on the standard data cubes.

My Business Maximizer includes dashboards, trend graphs, drill down into underlying data, and ranking of data. In addition, My Business Maximizer offers a number of ‘What if..’ templates to run different cash flow, sales, profit, and debtor cash scenarios.

Business Improvement Requires Accurate and Up to date Information.

The financial press constantly highlights the cash and credit squeeze constraints faced by small and medium sized business.

Credit monitoring companies report ‘debtor day’ figures in the mid 50s for these size businesses which imposes great strain to keep working capital at manageable levels, given tight banking and lending conditions.

Business experts talk about the importance of regularly analyzing the profit contributionfrom each customer, product, sales person, and job. They talk about the 80/20 rule and the need to look after the 20% that make 80% of the revenue and profit contribution, and to work at or cull the ones at the lower end.

However it takes too long and is too costly to do the analysis to manage debtor days or track profit contributors manually or by spreadsheets. And the cost of automated ‘business intelligence’ tools to do such analysis regularly has been beyond the reach of small and medium business.

As a result small and medium businesses lack the necessary information to do timely reviews on the debtors cash and profitability contribution issues, and often have to make decisions based on impressions rather than facts which may not be to their benefit.

The accounting systems used by small and medium businesses tend to be weak or totally deficient in making forward projections, and business managers and accountants have to duplicate the data in spreadsheets in order to do any ‘what if..’ analysis. The results have to be keyed back into the accounting system as budgets.

This is time consuming, costly, and error prone. It’s too hard for many businesses and mostly not done at all, which means they run without actual to plan (budget) comparison to take early action on budget overruns.

The short story books below show My Business Maximiser providing key forward looking answers to issues faced by business managers every day.

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My Business Maximizer Templates

A range of ready to use business analysis Templates and Reports designed for small and medium ‘forward looking’ business information needs is available as per the chart below with the configuration available depending on the client’s subscription level and the client’s individual user access settings for My Business Maximizer.

y Business Maximizer Template Chart

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